Addicted to Cas Code Word ” Bauble “

Hello lovely ladies, its time for our second challenge at Addicted to CAS and for the next fortnight I will be your hostess so please do keep an eye out for the drinks trolley and buffet cart, I’ll be the one with the little white pinny and Gin and tonic in hand !

First of all a HUGE thank you to everyone who took part in our first ever challenge hosted by our lovely leader Kylie , what an amazing response 132 entries !!!!!

`One of the hostessing requirements for each challenge is to choose the theme or in our case here at Addicted to CAS our code word,  so for mine I have chosen……

ATCAS+-+code+word+baubleSo what comes to mind with my code word, maybe a tree decoration an item of jewellery I’ll let you decide, what did I come up with…….


I’m not a flashy girl and goodness knows how I came up with the code word bauble , I was most probably thinking of jewllery at the time ( I’m a jeweller ) but try as I might I just couldn’t come up with a card depicting trinkets of any sort. So if any of you can I would dearly love to see them !


Whoever said CAS is easy never made a card with rhinestones !!! Would you believe that it took me nearly three hours to attach the little buggers !! I’d recently bought a heating implement rather like a soldering iron and some gorgeous rhinestones and thought they would be perfect for the theme……what a nightmare the pesky things kept escaping and disappearing inside the aperture ! I’d glue one down with the heat thingy and its neighbour would complain and shift position ! when I’d finished the card and lifted it up all I  could hear where the stray little rhinestones moving around inside,  so its ended up as a shaker card !!!!

Bauble shape courtesy of my Cameo,  Sentiment and ink SU and nerves of steel curtsey of yoga and meditation !!!

I also made another much simpler card nerves of steel not required here just a couple of embossing folders, a frame from my Cameo and once again SU sentiment and ink


This week our fantastic sponsor and Guest Designer is
 Inspired by Stamping
Here is a little about Joanna –
Hi my name is Joanna Munster, owner/designer/illustrator of Inspired by Stamping. I started crafting 11 years ago when I started capturing my daughter’s special moments with scrapbooking. I quickly fell in love with all things crafty including cross stitch, crocheting, knitting, drawing, jewelry making but my love has always been towards the paper craft industry. It is a place where I can lose myself in creating for hours.
Two years ago, my hubby, myself and our three children moved from the United States to Australia. While waiting for my working visa, I started drawing and paper crafting full-time with my blog. One of my dear friends suggested that I make a stamp set with one of my drawings and this is where Inspired by Stamping started. I love every moment of working in this industry from the beautiful women and men that I meet daily, to the amazing designs that I see with an Inspired by Stamping set. October 15th 2012, we celebrate our first year of Inspired by Stamping and it is exciting to say that we are growing and expanding! 🙂
Joanna is offering this prize to the winner of this challenge –
We would love to see you at Addicted to CAS , so why not pop over and see what the rest of the DT have come up with to inspire you with,  lots of amazing creations from the rest of the gorgeous girls and who knows you may even be one of our lucky winners and Joanna has so many amazing goodies to choose from in her beautiful shop.
Wishing you a ll a wonderful healthy and happy weekend and thank you all so much for your get well wishes am feeling much better
Toodle pip


30 thoughts on “Addicted to Cas Code Word ” Bauble “

  1. What a pair Marie! Yes I am talking about your cards. Had to giggle (must be the gin…..) I could so imagine you heat setting those rhinestones. I’ve got the same implement but haven’t used i with the pesky little devils! Uour second card is lovely – especially love the way you’ve added those gems; stunning.


    Karen x

  2. Yes, I can just imagine the challenges those rhinestones may have caused you. I’m certain a G & T would be absolutely necessary to accomplish the feat. Beautiful cards yet again, Marie. Love the embossing folder on the front of the second card. The rhinestone card is beyond gorgeous! take care. hugs, Donna

  3. Ummm, I will take a gin and tonic please. And do you have any of those packets of chilli nuts or some pringles. By the way, one of your wheels on your trolley is squeaking and it’s driving me crazeeeeeeeeee. LOL. Love your cards, Marie. I love the word you have chosen for your challenge and can’t wait to see the awesome creations that everyone comes up with! xx

  4. Nothing wrong with a shaker card love! I can just picture you trying to place all those rhinestones though – how frustrating (but funny). Love both of your cards! Very pretty. x

  5. Wow … your first card sounds like it was a real challenge … congrats on sticking with it and getting it done. Totally worth the effort … you have created a beautiful and unique card! Love it! The second card is also fabulous. Love the little trees and pearl accents.

  6. Too funny, Marie! But, first, a hot toddy for me, please. This bugger cold has SO clinged on for days and days now. Mmmm, ah, that’s better.

    Your shaker card ant inks were very amusing to read about, even though, God knows, it wasn’t amusing during the three hours you spent in perg making it. It did turn out to be very beautiful and very uniQ! Please, please, do watch your step for the next few days, as it’s hard to believe some of those ratfinks didn’t jump off the table!

    And, finally, your “simpler card,” OMW, stole my heart! I love, love, love it!! Totally pinned. Mwah!

  7. Diet Coke on the rocks for me please!
    Oh how you make us laugh especially the shaker card that was never intended to be a shaker card.
    Fabulous cards.

  8. I loved your word and card today. All the time, nerves and patience really paid off. Your card is just bright, cheery and beautiful.. Thank you for the sweet comments on my blog today. I’d love to see a picture or two on your “babies”. Aren’t they just so much fun? I love “babies” of all sizes and shapes. enjoy your week. I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful creative cards.

  9. What a clever and patient girl you are…can’t imagine how difficult the first card was, I can imagine the “fun” you had making it though, it’s really bright and lots of fun. As for the second card, of course I love it too, it’s got pearls on it. Seriously don’t know how you find the time to make these…make sure you pop one in the post to us or you’re in BIG trouble!
    Love you sis X

  10. OM Goodness, Marie, you must be the epitome of the maxim ‘patience is a virtue’! What a feat and what a result … completely bling! I love the second card too, lovely embossing folder and fab baubles! Anita 🙂

  11. Before I even read the post I thought the card must have taken ages lol
    you don’t half know how to pick them ROFL
    Could I swap the G&T for a V&L please
    Hope you keeping well
    Hugs Von ♥

  12. Hi Marie,

    So sorry for not visiting you!! Time flies by so quickly and I thought you were in London!!!

    You must have lots of patience to stick all those rhinestones onto your card. I love ’em but just sticking on a few drives me to despair…they fly off never to be seen again if you just look at them in the wrong way – LOL! Anyhow, your patience paid off, as your bauble looks fantabulous!! I love your second card, too. A gorgeous CAS Christmas card…I love the design and pretty pearls!

    Thank you for visiting me! xxx

  13. I suppose I’d better close my mouth at some stage or something nasty will fly in, but I really am amazed by your creativity and patience Marie! The bauble on the first card is a real work of art and I love the simplicity of the second card too.

    I’m back up on my wobbly pins today but a hot toddy wouldn’t go amiss! And some peri peri crisps please. Vicky x

  14. Oh! WOW rhinestones me thinks a guilty pleasure? LOL I could hear you from here swearing and cussing at those little blings, Anyone looking at wouldn’t have a clue what you went through. Love the second card too.

  15. Those are two lovely cards, very well done!!! I really admire your patience with the first one..all those rhinestones must have given you a reeeeally hard time..sometimes i just want to stick down around 10 of them and they really get to my nerves 😛 The outcome was worth it though 🙂

  16. matey! What fabulous cards – I couldnt choose between them so you will have to send them both to me. Whats this about not being a sparkly girly – I am well into the bling although I love vulgar – remember if its really vulgar that it actually becomes tasteful!!
    Wheel the trolley my way my sweetie – could do with a little “freshner”! Hope you have shaken off the “mange”. Cxxx

  17. Hehe these little things that get us so angry and turn the air blue eh??!!! That bauble looks like the very special one that takes pride of place high up on the tree!!
    Great idea for this weeks card, love your inspirational cards…. need to get round to making mine now :0)
    Jenny x

  18. Hellooooo stranger! And how are you? I seem to have taken a bit of an unintentional blog break during December, probably because I should’ve started my Christmas stuff last April, lol, so I’m now playing catch up with my commenting – so many, many apologies my dear.

    You must have the patience of a saint to attach these Marie, although definitely well worth the effort as the result is truly stunning – did you use one of those Hot Fix tools, and if you did, what did you think of it? I love those embossed Christmas trees, they’re so cute!

    In answer to you question, my grunge was paper, not board, but I have an old 1950s sewing machine that seems to sew through just about anything (I’m trying desperately to avoid stitching my fingers – you know what I’m like).

    Take care

    Maria xxxxx

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