Less is More " Cut it Out " And The Return Of The Pokey Tool !

Yes its back ! the pokey tool has been mysteriously returned to its rightful place , I know how concerned you all where about it , well at least Vicky alias Crafting Claire was . Lately I have been playing with my new Cameo which has just been returned to me  it was unwell and had to be returned to the UK to visit the die cut doc. I had had it only for a week when it refused to produce the goods , it arrived a few days ago so have being making lots of little intricate designs with it. ( see previous post ).  Horror of horrors upon its return my pokey tool did a runner and I was left using a cocktail stick to weed out the negative pieces,  no fun ! I accused my youngest son Ari of being the culprit as I had seen him eying it up suspiciously lately and asking a lot of questions about it. The funny thing was that I didn’t confront him with it but I mentioned it on my blog , which he doesn’t read  or so I thought !  The next day the Mr Pokey was back on my desk as if by magic! so………..

When I saw this morning that Chrissie and Mandi at Less is More where asking us to ” Cut it Out ” it seemed like fate had intervened , not only was my Cameo working but my pokey tool was back in my possession .  I had made several cards this morning but only managed to photograph one as my little doglett Bailey was taken ill and I had an emergency dash to the Vets ( all is well now ) upon my return mother nature had taken its course and turned the lights down low so couldn’t get decent photos .

Would also like to link this to Cas-ual Fridays who are asking us to use black and white and not a hint of another colour ! Think this first one fits the bill !

Hope this is not too over the top ! My lovely Cameo and gorgeous Mr Pokey are responsible for this creation,  looks easy but believe you me my full bin is testimony to the opposite,  getting the right measurements and layout is a tad tricky if you are dense like me !

Just wanted to share another frame that I made , its quite similar to the one on my previous post, I liked it so much I made this one which is slightly less fussy ( Chrissie Mandi this is not for LIM !! ) I will be using them in my jewellery shop as window displays for Valentines, this one I photographed inside one of the shop cabinets and I love how the lighting makes it look a little look the theatre. The heart and the little button are made from Fimo I used a couple of silicone molds that I made to make the shapes and then embossed and inked them up. The rest of the frame is made with my Cameo.
Once again there are some fabulous entries over at Less is More, I have been a slacker of late and haven’t taken part in one of their challenges for ages so I do hope they let me back in ! Both Mandi and Chrissie have created some amazing inspirational pieces definitely worth a visit. Over at Cas-ual Fridays there are some fabulous entries and their DT have worked their magic once again !
Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

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