Less is More " Circles "

My blog has been a whinge free zone of late ! I was known for it ! ( Whingeing I mean ) Not a thing to be proud of maybe but it was always with a bit of added humour or at least I thought so ! Well enough is enough I have been quiet for too long ! So cover your ears or your eyes or whatever you need to cover but be prepared !!!!!!

Last night as I was crafting past my bed time as you do (my bedtime is now officially 3.00 am ) I was working on a little project getting really inky and messy which I haven’t done for a long time ,when all of a sudden and I kid you not I got the urge to do something with circles !!!. I abandoned my inky mess and started creating , I couldn’t stop I was having so much fun ! there was this little voice in my head urging me on chanting circle, circles , circles, anyway at 4.00 am I finally called it a night or rather morning . To be honest I was a bit dizzy from all those circles and the little voice had packed in , it was most probably dizzy too !

Anyway you all know what is coming next……woke up late and grumpy and checked in to see what Chrissie and Mandi the BIG BOSSES at Less is More had in store for us this week. CIRCLES !!!
I did a lap of victory around my living room whooping and hollering like a five year old two dogs in hot pursuit barking and panting ! Husband who was enjoying a peaceful coffee on the balcony thought we had won the lottery! Didn’t even try to explain, just started snapping photo’s writing my blog I was on cloud nine , ten minutes it was done or so I thought…………Always read the small print ! Mandie and Chrissie want circles not circle ! plural it was even highlighted !

That my friends took place 8 hours ago and since then I have been trying to communicate with ”  The Voice ” to no avail it’s most probably in hiding ! Of course by the time I had finished my new circles I discovered I had a  light problem……too much of it ! I used acetate and of course the two do not mix , twenty photo’s  later of me and my I Pad reflected in the images !!!! It’s taken me all day to re do them I’ve got bloggers bum ,bloggers blindness, bloggers neck and all manner of blogger ailments and if I get told off by M & C there’s gonna be an awful lot of blogger crying going on I can tell you !

It is not obvious from the photo so let me explain , I cut a circle from my card , printed on to acetate a lovely circle within circle image and then matted it on to a beautiful piece of photo paper that I had printed an under water coral image.  ( told you it wasn’t obvious ) I added the circles at the side cos I thought I might get disqualified for lack of the circly things . Below is the card before I added the side panel .

Again more acetate ( anyone know of any acetate challenges this weekend lol ?) more die cutting and lots of circly circles and what not .

Rosy with her version

Variations on a theme , by this time I was losing the will and my vision ! I actually did some stamping on the acetate !

Now this has nothing to do with this weeks challenge although it is circles but maybe not very CAS  I just needed cheering up and something WITHOUT ACETATE . This happens to be an invite that I made for  a childrens party the party details are written inside on the leaf.

For those of you who stayed awake or even read the whole post thank you you are too kind and for those of you who left I don’t blame you ! Phew do I feel better after all that……….of course not !  but there is a big G & T with my name on it so am off to drown my sorrows.

Do pop over to Less is More where you will see some fabulous creations and inspirational pieces by the BIG BOSSES Chrissie and Mandi

Will pop by and see you all later


54 thoughts on “Less is More " Circles "

  1. Ha Ha ha, you nutter!! Oops sorry don't mean to offend, nutter in a fun way:0) Love all your circles:0) I think you may be psychic, y'know knowing it was going to be circular and all that! Beautiful detail in your acetate version and I love the flower invite, enjoy that G&T! Rosie has the right idea:0) chew on it LOL Gay xxx

  2. Acetate, lovely plastic like material LOL. By now you will be onto your umpteenth G&T recovering from your circles. they are terrific circles love that border on the first one and the circles on circles over circles with the acetate and coral inspired. Not sure if I feel more sorry for the dogs or OH just now must be hard for them all :~) XOXO Zoe

  3. Hi Marie. I'm still laughing at your post. You Narna! So now you can add insomnia to your ailments. As always fab projects. Lovely photo of Rosy. I really really like your idea of the flower invite – brilliant idea. Have a great weekend.Florence x

  4. Such a great post Marie……..lol and the G&T is definitely deserved. Loving them all but my favourite of the cards is the second one, totally adore that one. Take care and have a great weekend, Annette x

  5. MY gosh you have been busyThey are all FABLove the vibrancy of the orange. Thanks so much, you're a TRUE LIMette Marie!Diva LIM"Less is More"

  6. Wonderful post, wonderful work, I love your circles and yes you probably are psychic… so often we find that LIMettes produce a card one week which would fit the following week's challenge.. odd or what!Kim had a serendipitous moment too!Thanks so muchChrissieLady LIM"Less is More"

  7. You're psychic Marie – you must be. Your circles are terrific – all of them and I love that flower on the invite. Hope you are having a great weekend. Elizabeth x

  8. Hi MarieWe are in the middle of a thunderstorm and it is nearing my bedtime (9.00 p.m. yes I like to get to bed early as I love to read) anyway as much as I love your creation. Amazing impact, lots of WOW factor, it is your little furry friend who has stolen my heart. So adorable!!!WishesLynne

  9. Oh! I do love coming to your blog, you make me laugh, like Gay I think your nutter too, in the nicest possible way of course lol.These cards are just incredible as ever, love them.

  10. oh wow spooky or what,hun I must say,this is one terrific post as alway hun you always have something funny to say,he he,and your cards are real works of art,love your wee dog hun so cute hugs cheryl xx

  11. Hola Marie, thank you for to visit my blog last week.FANTASTIC CARDS!!!your struggle with the acetate it's worth it, is very difficult to make a photo to acetate, i understand you…but your card is beautiful.I love your circles flower, very clever idea.A hug from Palma

  12. I particulally like the square of circles with the coral image inside Marie 🙂 but wow you were a busy bee, get a good nights sleep and be fresh for tomorrow Hugs Von x

  13. I'm actually quite dizzy myself, Marie! I did read the entire episode … such a night and then … such a day! Your circles are wonderful .. love that you added circles at the side to qualify. Very creative. I do really really adore the flower you made for the party invite. I'll bet the kids LOVED it. Try and get some rest … sleep deprivation .. not pretty! ha ha. take care and thanks for sharing … you make me smile, well in this case down right laugh out loud. hugs, Donna ps: love the word 'winge' … don't here it in north america. miss it.

  14. Oh Marie! Didn't they ever tell you that when you start hearing the voices in your head you have to listen to the details! It all turned out beautifully in the end though – my favourites are the gorgeous circles-in-a-grid ones. Really like the flower party invites too. Enjoy that G&T – you've earned it! Sigh – I can almost hear the clink of ice…! Vx

  15. Marie, …. i am still laughing!…sorry! your posts are always so cheerful and funny! i just love them!I love all the cards you made but i think my fav is the one with all the black&red circles! and of course the flower party invite!Have a nice day!

  16. Hahahahaha! You don't half cheer me up with your moaning Marie (that sounds mad, but you know what I mean!) Everything you have posted is fabulous – you are so creative! Where do you buy craft stuff in Greece?!Of course you're psychic, there's no other explanation but could you use your abilities to predict next week's lottery numbers for me, please!!!! I have an ache in my heart that only a holiday in Greece can cure, but sadly no pennies to fund it! Daughter, SIL and granddaughters are off to Kos (Kefalos) in 3 weeks.xxxx

  17. Hee he glad to hear someone like myself but with a lot more staying power (I'd have given in to the call of the drink long before you did)but it was worth it in the end ,cos they're all lovely cards!.x

  18. oh poor you and your poor OH LOL! I'm glad you preserved because I think you just got better and better, my fav is the next to last on the white card.Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, and I send you a virtual cupcake!Linbyx

  19. Marie, Marie, Marie! When I got to the circles flower, I hooted out loud! You are a scream, girl! I was up at 3 also, but of course, not simultaneously with you since I'm in the US. I loved all the circles you produced. I sure hope there is an acetate challenge soon, for your sake.

  20. Hooked, that's what I'd call it, wish I could get the idea before it is published. But not to use acetate, anything but acetate, what a trooper, Brilliant post, brilliant cards.Kath x

  21. How spooky is that…does your voice tell you random lottery numbers too ??Love all your circle cards, the acetate panels are so pretty :)Jenny x

  22. dear Marie,my head is spinning with all your circle creations. Funny my post tomorrow is about a different kind of circle…a life preserver. Maybe I need to throw it to you! LOL. take care dearie, gerri

  23. Wow, you have gone to town, great ideas. What is it about the middle of the night that brings out the creative side, or are we just demented trying to think of something?

  24. Hi Marie, after reading your blog on the circle theme, it has left me feeling quite exhausted! However, you have produced some beautiful cards as usual – and using acetate !?! Congratulations on your DT post. Lynn x

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