Less is More One Layer Card " Things with Legs "

What a week this has been ! So much going on ! So little time for crafting, which is why my blog has been neglected this week, so do apologise for not getting round to everyone  but I had good cause !! 

My sixteen year old son took part in a three day music festival in Athens after winning a place with his band Chinese Basement . The festival is called school wave and it is open to students up unto the age of 18 who are in a band After various auditions  that took  place during the course of this year they where chosen as one of the 22 bands from all over Greece and only two were chosen from Thessaloniki and they where one of them ! This is a huge organisation and a great honour for them to play live in front of 6,000 people. My house this week has been full of teenagers to-ing and fro-ing and trying to get their CD ready . They have had it professionally produced and have paid for it themselves earning money by busking in their free time.  Can you tell I am one proud mummy !

Anyway………….Over at Less is More our theme this week is a  One Layer Card , ” Things with Legs ” Now I think you will agree that this is a very interesting subject and one that has immense possibilities ! I did in fact keep mine simple as I returned home from a wedding in the small hours 5.am to be precise so am feeling a little bit shaky, am always looking for excuses for my lack of talent lol .

For this I used various pigment inks , I just wanted to create a bit of a random background , you should see the ten other ” random backgrounds ” in the bin ! I used a Crafty individuals stamp for the main image using Stazon ink and boy does that ink Stazon ……….on my hands , on my desk, on my chair and  the dogs !!!!, they ran off with one of the ten failed attempts that missed the bin !

My Little  ” Out of  Africa ” scene here am sure you will agree those giraffes definitely have  long legs !

Now this is a silly little one and I don’t do cute but just like the simplicity of it ! and of course they do have legs now don’t they !
Now this last piece has nothing to do with the challenge but it seems only fitting after sharing something with you about my youngest son I should share something with you by my oldest !  One afternoon while I was crafting he came and sat next to me and started to paint using my distress inks he did the outline in pencil and then used the inks to blend. It took him about twenty minutes to do and my simple little card with about three things on took about two hours ! Of course it is a work in progress from his sketch book but I thought he made great use of the inks don’t you ? 

Will be round to see you all later on but I feel some  ” lying down ” coming on still very tired from dancing the Greek Version of  ” The Conga ” !!!

See you all later.


57 thoughts on “Less is More One Layer Card " Things with Legs "

  1. Hi Marie, my, my, you've been a busy lady, 5am is very early/late, not sure which LOL Hope you had fun!!!Gorgeous cards, girls card is beautiful and colourful, mice are great fun and the giraffes are very atmospheric brill makes:0) Your son's WIP is beautifully painted, I think an artist in the making:0) Now I'm sure you must need a lie down, Gay xxx

  2. Your cards are stunning Marie and I think I like the first one best as the colours are so gorgeous.Congratulations to your younger son and I can see why you're so proud of him.The crocodile is fabulous and so beautifully coloured so congrats too to your older son.Hope you feel better after a nap.Hugs, Fliss xx

  3. Some beautiful cards – love the giraffes and the mice are so cute.Congratulations to your older son – well done to him and his bandWow!!! your youngest son is a very talented artist

  4. What talented kids you have… proud mum deservedly!I LOVE your Out of Africa card .. just super, it's really evocative of the continent, great stuff.Thanks so muchChrissieLady LIM"Less is More"

  5. Wow what a great selection Marie! Love the giraffes in silhouette and such talented boys! The crocodile is amazing and I hope you keep us up to date with the band's progress:)Val x

  6. What talented sons you have. That painting is astonishing and with Distress Inks. Your C.I card with the girls exudes such joy, fabulous cards.WishesLynne

  7. Well we know where your boys got their talent from don't we. Congratulations to your younger son Way to GO! & HAVE FUN. Your older son's artistic use of DI WOW.Your cards love um the first with the great colourful background so summer wonderful. Cute mice are cute nice cute! Love you Out of Africa scene. XOXO Zoe

  8. Hi Marie. You have been busy! Congratulations to Chinese Basement! Wow! Will you let us know how they get on? You are entitled to be a proud Mum. Excellent crocodile! Love all your projects. The mice are adorable. Florence x

  9. Ο Πικάσο έλεγε: Επρεπε να μεγαλώσω πολύ για να μάθω να ζωγραφίζω σαν παιδί!!!Από που έμοιαζε το παιδί με τέτοια ταλεντάρα μαμά!!!

  10. Marie, you are outstanding with your talent, I love the beach scene, reminds me of when I was young, OMG, so long ago! Did you do the giraffes on the sillouette? Fabulous card, the mouses! are really cute and a great card, as for the crocodile/alligator, (I can never tell one from tuther.) incredible talent there with your son.

  11. I love reading your posts…you always make me laugh! LOVE the randomness of the ink on the first card…and yeah, that Stazon…is very aptly named!! LOL! I do believe that the giraffes are my favorite..although the mice are really cute. Your son is definitely an artist…fab work!! My Card

  12. You have been a busy busy lady and one proud mum, that is brilliant news.Love the croc coloured in by your son, great colourings.Loving all your cards but have to admit to loving the giraffes, so elegant and graceful.Annette x

  13. Super-duper beach card Marie the colours are as energetic as the image 🙂 No such musical talent in this house I'm sad to say it seems to have skipped a generation or two :(Von x

  14. Wow how busy you have been. Love the cards the top one especially. Congrats to your son on the achievement. How fab is that. You should be proud. And that drawing is beautiful. How talented is your other son too! Thanks for sharing and have a great day. Angela

  15. Marie, your cards are just gorgeous!you are a very talented lady with a very talented son!well done to both of you!have a great, and maybe more relaxing, week!

  16. oh hun you have been busy oh what a great selction you have here just love the first one those colors hun are just stunning,you are so taleneted and many congratualtions to your son too hun,no wonder you are proud hugs cheryl x

  17. Blimey – what an incredibly talented bunch you are! So pleased for your youngest son and am blown away by your eldest's use of the inks. Your cards are beautiful too Marie, LOVE the coloured background on the first and the dignity of the African scene. I don't really do cute either but I do love your dancing mice which are not icky-sweet at all! Hope you're feeling better after your lie-down! Vx

  18. Sounds like you had such a good time, Marie! Lie Down1 Your work is so beautiful. I love the first card .. the shading behind the stamp makes everything pop. Your son is very talented — like his Mama. The theme of the challenge is a fun one – gives you a multitude of options. Thanks for dropping into my blog. I appreciate it very much, Marie. Hugs, Donna

  19. dear Marie,Very talented sons you have. The musican must be out of his mind being choosen..Congrats. And the artist of the crocidle is so amazing! Just love the colorization…beautiful in a knarly way! Can see where they get their talent from you and your designing husband. Hope you get some time to rest after your amazing weekend. take care, gerri

  20. LoViNg ALL your cards this week, so very different and creative. I do love your creativity and my favourite is the mice…Your eldest son's WIP is amazing, how talented and proud you must be of both your sons.Hope you enjoyed your rest and you are back to full capacity:-)

  21. Congrats for being mum of two talented sons. 🙂 You really can be proud of them. Your cards look fabulous, love the colors of the first one best and the two little mice make me smile.

  22. Hi Marie, I just love your cards, the first scene is amazing and although it's a random inked background I can see it as a beach scene. Lol about the Stazon… quite true. Gorgeous silhouette card of the giraffes…a popular animal this week!!!Your oldest son is an amazing artist as is the youngest by the sound of it, just in a different genre:)Jenny x

  23. Fabulous cards, I wish I could produce such art after a big night out, LOL! I really love your inked background on the 1st card! Your son's crocodile card is awesome too!

  24. Oh Marie, how talented your sons are, both artists in their own fields. How proud you must be of them. And as for your legs cards, they are wonderful. I really love the giraffe one. The mice are so cute. I don't do cutesy well but you seem to have a knack for it. The top card has such a gorgeous background. I bet the ones you tossed are equally good, or at least usable for backgrounds for cards. Hope to see them (except for the one the dog got.) Sounds like you had a great time at the wedding.

  25. What great cards, the first is my fav I think. My BIL & wife often visited your part of Greece on his boat for years. You have talented sons too, one of mine writes his own music and sings and has travelled widely with his group.I also make jewellery too , thanks for the comments:O) Viv xx

  26. Fabulous cards, Marie! I particularly love the first one as it reminds me that the holidays will be here very soon! You have a mega talented son! That is one awesome alligator!

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