Get Creative Six of the best !

While you are reading this post I  ( hopefully ) am sunning myself by the sea with my oldest and best est friend  Maria otherwise know as Dolly  who is visiting from London. Our friendship is more than twenty five years old and for some reason we have always called each other Dolly. So when I was trying to think of a name for my blog I thought I would use Dolly somewhere in the title hence the name Dolly’s daydreams.

Anyway down to business Our fabulous leader Irini ( also known as the misting queen ) from Get Creative has a very interesting challenge for us  Irini says

It is June, the 6th month of the year……
your challenge is to add 6 elements to your card.
But here is the twist….
your card has to have 6 of the same ONE element you choose…
for example if you choose pattern paper it should have 6 pieces,
if you choose buttons it has to be 6 buttons….
………make sense?
Get creative and have fun!!
As you can see by my card I have added six of both of my elements just to be on the safe side !Why not pop over to Get Creative and see what my fellow design team members have come up with truly inspiring as always. So come on and Get Creative you know you want too !
Hopefully will catch up with you all next week after my little sojourn in the sun will have my trusty I pad with me to check out all your doings, sun bathing permitting !
Have a great weekend 

31 thoughts on “Get Creative Six of the best !

  1. Perfect for a daydreamer relaxing in the sun, all that wall to wall blue with the birds (love that stamp) and romantic hot air balloons love it! XOXO Zoe

  2. Hi MarieI always wondered where your Blog's name came from – that is very special.A wonderful card!WishesLynneP.S. Your Giveaway was posted last week

  3. Love this shade of blue!!!the card is gorgeous….just like you!! LOLtake care of the precious skin of yours….Yes I am one of those pain in the $%^&* that preaches about the sun!!!!!!!!!have fun with Dolly…

  4. She flies like a bird in the sky, she flies like a bird, oh me oh my.Love the card, love the colour. Hope you and Maria are having a lovely time.Off to make a sandwich now, can't think what inspired me to do that?

  5. Wow, that's a difficult challenge Marie but you've definiely pulled it off with this card! Wiah I was in one of those balloons flying to Santorini or Rhodes…. or anywhere in greece! xx

  6. Hi Marie. I am so jealous – you sound VERY relaxed! Hope you're having plenty of sun, sea and anything else beginning with S that you fancy! (Oh dear, now thinking of sausages…) I love your card – especially those beautiful birds and in such a fab shade of blue! Vx

  7. Hi Marie, Love it!!! Smashing card:0)I didn't need to know that you're sunning your self on the beach that's much too much info, A brighter shade of green going on over hear, I shall expect you to be more sensitive, on your next post, ROFL, Hugs:0) xxx

  8. Hi Marie,Back from Boston after visiting my college aged daughter. We went there to start bring home her stuff, she'll be done in July and the jeep is only so big! LOL. Hope you are having fun at the beach with yr daughter. Love this piece, ballons and birds go together so well. take care, gerri

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