Less is More " Pick a Square "

Things have been so hectic around here lately what with traveling and work commitments that it seems my crafting and blogging has fallen a little by the wayside. I have missed the last couple of challenges at Less is More but was determined this week to participate even if it was with only one piece . The theme this week is Pick a Square and this is my contribution.

A simple card as you can see I used mirror card and beautiful bronze embossed paper together with some beautiful handmade paper , the die is daisies for Stampin Up by sizzix, sentiment is also SU embossed in gold .

For any one who follows my blog they will know that I have two dastardly dogs  Rosy and Bailey known as R&B who have been known to eat my paper projects on occasion. Just wanted to share a photo with you of Rosy . Last week when I was travelling to the UK to visit my family Rosy waited until I had finished packing and climbed into my suitcase even the promise of her favourite doggie toy couldn’t get her out.

Do you think she is trying to tell me something. ?

One last thing before I go Would just like to wish happy birthday to the lovely Lynne of Adorn who has her birthday today I met Lynne a while ago through blog land , she is an amazing artist and an all around thoroughly nice chapette you should pop by and visit her blog so many lovely things to see. This next card is dedicated to Lynne hope you like it !

The above is a free image but for the life of me I can’t remember where I got it from but as soon I find out who it belongs to will be back to credit it to them please forgive me. If you do recognise it in the meantime please let me know.

Hope you all have a great week and look forward to catching up with you all


76 thoughts on “Less is More " Pick a Square "

  1. You have coloured your card for Lynn beautifully your colour choices are perfect.Great LIM card love that flower! so SU are now pairing with Sizzix do you still have to get them through SU? You know that doggie fits that bag perfectly! XOXO Zoe

  2. Love the card Marie and your Rosie cracks me up hiding her eyes as if to say I can't see you so you can't see me lolHave a great day Von x

  3. Hi Marie, woah look at your cute dog Rosie, she is definitely telling you to stay home but you went anyway, wicked woman:0)Glad you had a good time LOL Your first cards stunning, I love the whole drama and the birthday card's vintage look is great too, have fun:0) xxx

  4. Hi MarieI will start back to front. Another post that includes birthday wishes. I really am so taken aback today with this outpouring of warmth on my birthday. Thank You so much Marie. I am so glad we found each other and yes, we have the wonderful Cindy who had us both (including Zoe) as Featured Artists the same week. You have become a lovely Blogging friend and I love the card, it is stunning.As is all your work. You made that flower?!! Against the white creates such impact.When are you mailing this doggie over to me. Does he know how cute he is? I am sure he does. Too adorable for words.Marie, thank you for everything and so sorry for the long-winded comment!WishesLynne

  5. Your card is beautiful Marie, love the layered flower. Aw she really did wanted to come with you and I hope you enjoyed your visit to your family. Everything is well for me, except for trying to get something for hubbies birthday this friday arrgh men what do you get them when they turn round and say to you I don`t know just get me something. Hope you are all well and the little ones are behaving… Chris xx

  6. Wow!!! What a gorgeous flower, Marie! It looks almost like an antique brooch. I love all the various colors that you used. That die sure makes an awesome flower. And the card for Lynne is so beautiful. I have no idea where it came from either, but it is really nice. Thanks so much for commenting on my posts. I really do appreciate it. And especially so since I know how busy you are. Have a great week.

  7. Dearest Marie,Thanks for visiting all my back posts today. I do value your comments. I love the flower card but I really love the dog in the suitcase…that's a great picture.LOLtake care, gerri

  8. Your LIM card is stunning! I love that you can have such a beautiful, intricate flower and still maintain the CAS style. Your doggie is a cutie… my cats tend to do the same thing. They definitely know when we are leaving!

  9. I love the way you made the flower out of the mirror card and handmade paper – it adds to the 3D look. Rosy is so cute and I bet she was glad to see you get back! Hope life stops being hectic soon – my idea of bliss is when nothing much is really happening! Vx

  10. I love the beautiful flower card! very simple and very classy. Your dog make me smile … they are all the same. My English setter used to climb into my case as soon as it would appear. They KNOW! Thanks so much for dropping into my blog today and leaving your kind words. Take care .. hugs, Donna

  11. Such a gorgeous flower, all the papers work very well together. Hope you enjoyed for holiday. When I saw your scrapling cards I just had to have a go, and posted on the challenge blog. I did make an envelope, and you can find the template on my blog if you want it. Lynn x

  12. Hi Marie, gorgeous cards, beautiful image on your card dedicated to Lynne and you LIM card is stunning, that flower is stunning and I love the colours and texture of it!!Who'd have pets (hmmm – we would)LOLhugsHeather xx

  13. Hee hee, how funny is Rosy?! Obviously not impressed at her mum going away and leaving her ;-)Your card is stunning, i just love that daisy die (and happen to have the same one myself, must use it more)xx

  14. First on the LIM card, it is so beautiful, again you put a new twist on things and start me thinking why haven't I thought of this before.Oh poor Rosy didn't want you to go, and yes they do know what's happening, even though we don't tell them, I know this from my lovely old Jess who died a few years ago, (NEVER to be replaced)Your card to your blogland friend Lynne is just beautiful, love the photo.

  15. Thanks for commmenting on my card.Isn't this SU die one of the best they've come up with? I used often. You've given it that special touch here.

  16. I've been desperate to comment on these, but due to technology issues (and no, it's not the fault of this house this time) was unable to.The first card is stunning, very simple….a bit like yourself and using some of my fave colours, but so complex too with the amazing flower.I love the second card too, I recognise the pic…it's you as a child with dear mama. Oh what fun we had.Seriously, you amaze me because I know what a busy life you lead and yet you still have time to produce such stunning art. Well done X

  17. I love what you have done with this die, it's a gorgeous die, one of my faves 😉 Isn't it funny though as soon as the cases are out how the dogs know, ours used to get in our cases too, she hated to be left behind!Hugs xx

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