Get Creative Card Sketch Challenge

Today being the 20th of the month,  as a design team member for Get Creative, Marie is due to post her offering for the card sketch challenge which has been set by Anastasia.
BUT, after no sleep, travelling thousands of miles from Greece to not so sunny Liverpool, to see us, her family, who haven’t seen her for over 5 years, we had a quick chat and she said she would have to leave us for half an hour to upload the above and then disaster struck.
Many hours later there was no Marie. We were alerted by a strange soft moaning sound coming from her bedroom and found her crouched on the floor surrounded by her Ipad2, Iphone, a desktop pc, laptop, netbook and all manner of other I, J K and L thingys.
Apparently the technology failed and no matter what we tried we could not send the images to her blog page. We went and bought a new Wi-Fi printer, and even though we showed it to the Ipad2, it couldn’t understand the Liverpool accent.
Marie is now in a darkened room, we tried cold flannels, plied her with scones and clotted cream, and finally resorted to inviting Mr Jack Daniels to join the party. Needless to say he didn’t like the accent either and we are now  thinking of “posting” the image by snail mail, maybe the postman fancies a holiday to Greece? I know I need one right now, without my sister.
Before collapsing in a quivering mess, Marie did request that I perform one last sisterly duty, which is to ask that you all head over to Get Creative and admire all the other design team members work.
Normal service should be resumed next week, whatever that means. Many apologies to Irini!!!

Karen Fury

Amended post  I can now ad my my card for the Get Creative sketch challenge . Better late than never. !

19 thoughts on “Get Creative Card Sketch Challenge

  1. Marie, when you are in England you should drink tea and not whisky! Enjoy your time in Liverpool, wish I was there and could visit my old friends, too! Say hello to the Liver Bird for me, wonder if he will flap his wings when you go by! Hugs, Valerie

  2. ROFL!!!! Marie, do as Valerie tells you, skip the Jack Daniels for a cup of tea but make sure you add plenty of sugar – they say it is good for shock.We will all be here for when normal service resumes, in the meantime – take the cold flannel off your head, slowly walk away from the darkened room and go and have some FUN!!!Those are Dr's orders by the way LOLWishes and LoveLynne

  3. Can't understand it – scones and clotted cream have never failed to do it for me. I think it must be VERY serious in which case it's just as well that Mr Jack Daniels has got involved! Relax Marie, let the shoulders drop and have a great time! Vx

  4. Karen…..have you tried sushi?????If that doesn't work get Marie to chant "must spend money at the craft fair" 3 times holding a G&T…..gin and tonic….guaranteed mood lifter!!let me know how you get on….. give her my love and not to worry about GC….hugzirini

  5. Ha ha ha, only Marie could cause so much fun, look after her and please send her back in one piece (after a thoroughly good time, of course)we need her entertaining contribution to all things crafty, big hugs:0) xxx

  6. Marie, this was the best of your blogs so far….hope to see you making some enveloboxes, tri-fold cards and lots and lots of ribbon flowers soon, now that you have an enormous stash!Missing you already sis X

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