Just for Fun " Triangles "

Let me just say right off I’m not happy, not happy at all ! The time has come for a good old moan and it’s about time too ! In keeping with the Easter spirit and also due to the fact that I just didn’t have time my blog was a moan free zone. Would you believe it though there are a lot of weird people out there who actually prefer me when I’m winging, on my blog that is , maybe it’s because they can just go and look at some one else’s page if they don’t like what they see. Unfortunately my family  do not have the same luxury.

So back to business, over at Just for Fun ( are they having a laugh ? ) I can just imagine them week after week trying to pick a theme that will give us the most difficulty. This week is no exception .Von ( she was lovely Von last week ) has chosen a triangle for us !!!!!!!!! Nothing came to mind except for well a triangle but a blank one at that I’ve been dreaming of the little things all weekend ( must see someone about that preferably someone in a white coat ) Things must be bad if your start to dream about challenges am I right ??  I love ( read used to love ) the JFF Challenges and for that reason wanted to participate in them every week , so am afraid due to lack of inspiration I am entering this piece of triangular rubbish.

Feel free Zoe, Von Sam, or Neet to accidentally delete it , it’s fine by me. Oh by the way the cheeky little monkey hanging from the banner is you Von !!!!!!!!

Hope you are all having a more creative week than I am and if I get one nice comment I will be crossing whoever tells the crafty fib of my blog list !!!!!


37 thoughts on “Just for Fun " Triangles "

  1. Ahhhhh…..welcome back I had missed your moaning…..(yes I am one of those people LOL LOL LOL)hmmm….this challenge is a hard one I have to admit…..you have nailed it becasue lets face it a triangle card reminds me of Christmas ornaments!!No lies I promise…ooopse did you see my fingers were crossed LOL LOL

  2. Well where to start? LOL were you not inspired by all the wonderful samples the team dreamt up? Did you not visit the other lovely people who joined in with three corner works of art of their own? No just your own dreaming well hate to tell you this sweetie but you have now reached the incurable stage of craftitus your stash will grow and more and more of your time will be taken up with paper crafting eventually there will be little or no room (or time) for anything else apart that is from earning the necessary dosh to increase your stash further.Delete this sample not on your Nellie! XOXO Zoe

  3. Οντος πολύ δύσκολο θέμα αλλά από ότι βλέπω μια χαρά τα κατάφερες πάλι,γλύκα η μαϊμουδίτσα!!!!

  4. My dearest Zoe if you do happen to pass by again please know this ! I visited the design team all of the other lovely people even googled triangles ! but nothing !as you can see quite clearly by my triangular catastrophe it wasn't the fact that I wasn't inspired it's just that they are all so much better at it than I am ! Yes I do feel a bit like a craft junkie and now have more stash than cash and no imagination. Oh for the days when I it was the opposite.

  5. Well you dared me LOL but you should have asked Von is positively bursting with triangle ideas and Neet well poor love has been unwell but she has a whole catalog of them LOL Me I've shot my one and only bolt so frankly am not in a position any better than you LOLYou know we do warn people when they take this habit up but do they listen? NO! Now if you can figure out how to break the addiction you'll be made and think of all the cash for stash you'll have LOL XOXO Zoe

  6. It is a fabulous project Marie. Love how the banners go off the triangle and the textured inner triangle is really great. It makes me think of pyramids. Just one question. What is the brown under the white pebbles in your glass planter? LOL!Regards Florence x

  7. Aww bless you Marie 🙂 you gave it your best shot and I like it especially the monkey lol and it is just for fun after all so a big (hug) from me Von xxx

  8. Your moaning are so fun, that I almost forgot to look at your triangle rubbish, which, by the way, is fun too.Karen is right, next time, take a photo of a toblerone, then, eat it, just for fun!

  9. Hi Marie! I adore the posts where you are moaning – in this case I do not feel like I am the only one 🙂 🙂 🙂 I also like this triangle and the monkey! Challenges are good, aren't they? They literally keep you thinking you all the time! That's the point! Thanks for having a look at my mad idea, I mean inky hands 🙂 Hugs, xenia

  10. Love the way you've used triangle banners on your main triangle. Sorry if you were not inspired by any of the DT pieces, but thanks for playing along anyway – JFFSam xxxhttp://sam21ski.blogspot.com/

  11. Well, the sun is shining outside but in here there is a big black cloud hanging over me. Is it a sign? I have just typed my comment, must have touched something and "pouff" all has disappeared. I was saying that you are not going to be a happy bunny this coming month as it is my choice and I think it might be difficult but I did think "ching ching – Challenge". Do I need to run and hide, grow a big thick shell or what? My wonderful Marie, who I adore so much, is going to kick off when she reads my challenge(s).Please Marie be gentle with me, I have not been well, have a terrible chest infection at this moment in time and can be reduced to tears by the merest of happy moments in a book (daren't read a sad one).But … to the task in hand … I quite like your triangular card, have always loved the combination of green and purple in so many things and I think the monkey hanging from the branch is inspired and if I was Von would be delighted but asking for the monkey.Thanks for joining us at JFF again – will you be there next time? Hope so! All is crossed!Hugs, Neet x

  12. πολυ ομορφη και δημιουργικη ιδεα για την καρτα σου!!με τα τριγωνα δεν τα παω και πολυ καλα αλλα εσυ το πετυχες!!

  13. Glad we were following each other earlier, it's a nice feeling to know we are commenting on the same entries…By the way, this is not a rubbish card and i love your colours and bunting, so different and a great colour combo. Now for triangles i would think of, ships masts or sailing; samosas or food; my favourite has to be one huge bunting flag… Now these are sad ideas and would have made my card the worst one. See there is always someone who thinks they can beat you for worst. Hope you feeling lots better after your lovely banter.Take care:-)

  14. Well, samosas could be done by using a jpg of one from Google and then using My Craft Studio to get the size and colour correct print out, stick onto your card and then embellish with a chef figure… or something lol. Hadn't thought that one through as you can see lol!!!

  15. You had me laughing all the way through your post! LOLI guess thats why they call them challenges! So did it come out the same way in your dream?LOLReally its rather cute I think!hugs Lynn

  16. Hi MarieMy hubby, Steve is happy with the weather! it was a bit overcast in the morning yesterday but then was 'stonking' he said! think we are grateful for any sun warmth being English lolmandi x

  17. oh hun,you gave it a shot,so do not be hard on yourself hun I think this is just so effective just love how you have placed the logo with the monkey hugs cheryl xxx

  18. Marie, this is fantastic. Your work is always exemplary. However, not a fan of triangles myself since I just a few minutes ago made 26 triangle shaped pimento cheese sandwiches for a reception. Yet another friend has died. The reception is to follow the services.

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