Gingersnap Creations Geisha !

For the past four months which is the length of time that I have been crafting I have been following Gingersnap Creations challenges. I love their site and am constantly amazed at the standard of art that is posted to it. All of their challenges are unique and very interesting and I have been tempted on several occasions to have ago but to be honest I’m just a little intimidated. Today I decided that I would throw caution to the wind in the hope that it wouldn’t  come back and smack me in the face ! I’m sure those lovely ladies don’t bite and if they do they will just have to catch me first !

My Geisha is a lovely stamp by Crafty Individuals underneath I have once again printed onto acetate one of my lovely Japanese designs which is then placed over some gorgeous handmade paper. Unfortunately the photo doesn’t do it justice , I must find me a better photographer or at least try to take the pictures in the daytime !

Hope you enjoy it and please be gentle with me.


19 thoughts on “Gingersnap Creations Geisha !

  1. Marie, you have totally the wrong idea about us Gingersnappers……..we are about having fun and doing your own thing, one of the main criteria is that you enjoy what you have created…..lecture over……..lolYour card is beautiful and especially love the background. Thank you for playing Geisha with us at Gingersnaps…..Annette x

  2. I think this is beautiful! I can relate to not being happy with the photographing. My hubby donated his light box and tripod. But it is still too much trouble. He's retired from photography and work. Why doesn't he take the pics???

  3. Oh my…this is so beautiful.Love the black with blue. Glad you threw caution to the wind and played with us at Gingersnap creations, because your work is ALWAYS marvelous. take care,gerri

  4. Hi Marie. This is fabulous card. You used "that" stamp! LOL I still can not get the image as clear as that. Regards Florence.

  5. Hi Marie! Your geisha is absolutely stunning!! I love that you've layered printed acetate over decorative paper (gorgeous!) and that is a fabulous geisha stamp!! I'm still in shock that you've only been crafting for a few months! Did I read that right?? Your work is fabulous! 🙂

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