Just for Fun !!!!!!!!!!!

Just for fun well that’s what they think ! Haven’t had a laugh all afternoon ! Come to think of it all week.
A few weeks ago  I had the dreaded bloggers bum from too much sitting, then there is the ongoing bloggers blindness am gradually losing ” the light ” and then on Saturday was struck down my bloggers neck ! Is there an insurance policy that covers all of this ? So for the past few days I have been bedridden ( oh I do love a bit of drama ) and was unable to take part in any challenges.

Today feeling a bit perkier and under the influence of various prescription drugs decided to attempt a little something. Zoe from one of my favourite challenge blogs Just for Fun (ha !) has asked us to use our stamps in a way that is new to us. Well Zoe they are all new to me ! I decided to use the kissing technique whereby you ink up two different stamps in different colours , press them together ( The Kiss ) and then use one image. Sounds easy peasy but it wasn’t for me have spent four hours yes four whole hours only to produce the above ! and you can’t even see the kissing but I swear I saw them do it !

I used Stamping up Swirl and crafty Individual letter script stamps, you can see the result more so on the flower.

Was it worth it? you be the judge !

Going for a lie down now all that kissing has worn me out.

Marie xj

19 thoughts on “Just for Fun !!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Hi Marie. That's the real problem too much snogging! LOL This is really lovely. True to your normal elegant style.Hope you are feeling better soon.Regards Florence.

  2. Hi Marie, I hope you are making a speedy recovery. Love this card – as usual it is ingeneous and different. I've seen this technique demonstrated but not tried it for myself. I can see a bit of kissing going on – great colours and well placed flowers. Elizabeth x

  3. Hi Marie! This one is nice and elegant. Seems like you have developed your unique style. These colours look so nice together. Yet, your kissing technique is visible! hugs, kissinia

  4. I can see they were kissing. It is lovely.Definitly a keeper! I have a bad neck but I would never admit it is from too much blogging. lol.Hope you are better soon. Hugs…Donna I have been trying to think of something I haven't done for that challenge.

  5. Great result definitely worth 4 hours of effort and a pain in the neck LOL (well I got a laugh out of it!) great colour choice the kissing shows up clearly and the card/tag(?) shape is a smashing base. Hope you are feeling better and will soon be back with us. Thank you for going to such lengths to join us at Just for Fun this week XOXO Zoe

  6. Oh Marie – you do bring a smile to my face with your writing.First of all let me say I hope you are feeling better and soon regain full health.Secondly your artwork is lovely. I adore the shape you have used and the flower is so pretty and blends in so well with the kissing technique you have done.There – everything is fine so thank you for joining us at JFF (sorry we caused you 4 hours of work but the result was worth it)

  7. This is lovely Marie, and yes you can definitely see that there was a whole lot of kissing going on! Hope you are fully recovered and back crafting now x

  8. I have some very good lip balm…and if your cocktail of prescription drugs wears off i will send you some of mine LOL LOLNow do you think you could teach us some of your new found knowledge??I am afraid I do not understand the kissing technique….I demand a tutorial hint hint…by the way the art work is beautiful…..

  9. Hi Marie!! :)Firstly, thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog and on DC and for becoming a follower- and I'm sorry it's taken me so long to reciprocate… especially as you have such a fantastic blog!! I can't belive you are a fairly new crafter- you're already trying so many tricky techniques I haven't in my almost 7yrs of cardmaking!! 🙂 And you do them so well, too- I love your style!! :)This card is no exception- it's gorgeous, I love the elegant shapes and colourtones- and can definitely see the effect of your kissing stamps!! I've never heard of this before but am now desperate to try it!! :)Hope your neck is better soon- there are many perils to blogging that you'd never think of til you're already addicted and it's too late… aside from enumerable aches and pains the biggest one I find is that reading blogs seems to have a strange effect on the clocks- time seems to fly by at at least double the normal speed!!lolWill look forward to seeing more of your inspirational ideas :)hugs, Rachel x

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