Theme Thursday " Black and White "

“For the last couple of weeks I have been trapped in black and white mode . Everyone else was  doing ” Spring ” but not me I was in my silhouette period and I couldn’t get out of it ! Believe you me I was loving it and it was getting a bit addictive . Finally I entered a challenge at the weekend with the theme  Brown ! This was It I thought I had finally been given the push I needed to move on ,so I entered the challenge.

Not much of a progression admittedly but I was off black or so I thought,  but low and behold what met my tiny little bloodshot eyes yesterday were having a black and white challenge ! So I just couldn’t  resist now could I ?

On a piece of shiny card stock I have used one of my favourite Crafty Individuals stamps which I then embossed with black embossing powder. I cut out a little cupid with my Silhouette machine and printed another of my favourite Japanese images onto acetate . I placed this over the images and matted onto black card.

So for anyone who’s been following me lately it’s not my fault honest ! Promise to do something a bit brighter with more than two colours and without acetate…………..

Marie x

12 thoughts on “Theme Thursday " Black and White "

  1. WOW how I would love to see this card up close (hint hint….wink wink….nah not working huh!!)A girl has gotta try!!!No need to sell me I adore black and white…..good luck on the challenge!

  2. Beautiful piece colour would spoil this it is perfect in Black and White. Perhaps you need to come to the UK for a while, you'll be desprate for colour then LOL XOXO Zoe

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