The Three Muses Challenge " Fish "

The theme this week over at   ……………… is fish.
As usual for me another slippery  (excuse the pun ) subject, my little brain was teeming ( groan) with ideas. Took a while to get going but once I started I ended up with a whole shoal …..( more puns)of them.
I couldn’t decide which I liked the best so I enlisted the help of my husband and my youngest son who both gave me differing opinions. I even showed them to Bailey and Rosy ( the dogs ) in a desperate attempt to get a majority vote , but no I’m in their bad books due to too much blogging and not enough cuddling !
I did in the end what I normally do under these circumstances ignored everyone and uploaded two of them .
Maybe you can help me …………..
I used these beautiful Japanese images that I printed onto acetate and placed underneath some lovely embossed thick gold paper, the first image I backed onto black card stock and as you can see the second one I framed.
Hope you like them.
Marie x

23 thoughts on “The Three Muses Challenge " Fish "

  1. I agree, it was hard to choose. I think I prefer the first, but the framing of the second! Love the golden effect. Thanks so much for sharing with us this week at Three Muses!

  2. Oh (groan) cannot make a decision as they are both beautiful. Can you enter both of them? You have such talent – I love visiting you and seeing what you make.

  3. Holy roe (I thought it was applicable!! some how beef doesn't cut it)gorgeous art…..I am drooling over the second one, black and white and a touch of gold are pure elegance!!fabulous job!

  4. Ahhh, they are both MAGNIFICENT and I'm so glad you showed us both! If I have to choose I choose the first probably because mounting it on black just tipped the scales (ooooops a pun)!

  5. I think you have been fishing for compliments lol, the first one is definitely the best, I'd give it first plaice, but seriously this really caught my eye, it stands out a mile x

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