Two challenges in one !

A few weeks ago when I started blogging for the first time one of my entries was about how challenged I felt by challenges. Well it seems I’m over that I’m glad to say and my biggest challenge is finding the time to take part in them.

There’s no holding me back now I love them ! There are so many wonderful challenges going on all over the world with such wonderful artist taking part . I have met some amazing talented people and some of my design heroes have even paid visits to my blog and said some nice things !

This week I have been a little unwell, and let me say thank you to all of you for your kind wishes for a speedy recovery.The upshot of which is that I couldn’t take part in many challenges .So what I’m leading up to is that this next piece I  am entering for two challenges.

I feel a bit mean about it, I prefer to enter a separate piece for each one but I can see how there just isn’t enough time in the day. This particular  piece fits both perfectly. It’s quite a simple card as they all have been this week ,wasn’t really up to too much more but hopefully that will change.

The challenges are 
Their theme is take a letter so I took the letter B, liked the idea of this lots of possibilities with this but as you can see I kept it simple.
Bird is the word
Their theme is beautiful so this fits perfectly .

Hope you like it


24 thoughts on “Two challenges in one !

  1. Beautiful indeed this is just that. Craft blogging should come with a health warning really it is completely addictive there are not enough hours in the day! You will quickly become one of bloglands stars with your great style and flare. Hope you are feeling better today and going into the week-end, do you 'do' week-ends? XOXO Zoe

  2. Lovely, classical. I know what you mean, I too prefer to enter one thing per challenge but am sure you can be forgiven- it's not as if you have entered loads – only two. Good luck!

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