Kard Krazy " Postcards "

Firstly please ignore the background ! This time of night ( 12.30 ) I just can’t find a good spot to take a photo, mind you cant find one in the daytime either, so it’s leaning up against a picture frame which of course is visible. I spend ages making the thing only to ruin it with my non existent camera skills, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it ! This is taken with my iphone ,for some reason my scanner works intermittently , it has the final say in what I  post, and my camera takes a worse picture than my phone !

Excuses, excuses I here you say but it’s true I am technically challenged , I have all the gadgets but I don’t know how to use them ! So for those doubting Thomas-es you are quite welcome to visit me here in Greece to see my stuff up close and personal. This tag is for kardkrazy.blogspot.com tag Tuesday and the theme is postcards.

I used once again Crafty Individual postcard stamp ( I do love them does it show ? ) with an image from their mini book people and places , then stamped randomly with more of their postmark stamps and used Ranger brushed corduroy distress ink together with Stampin Up soft suede and tempting turquoise. The paper flower is also stamped with CI script and distressed  ( a bit like myself at this time of night !)


21 thoughts on “Kard Krazy " Postcards "

  1. Good evening, Marie!What a gorgeous thing you have made! I really like your last posts. Your creations have plenty of charm, colour and depth. Well done! Can't wait to see more. I'd love to visit you in Greece 🙂 LOL! It's so cold here, was minus 1 last night. Tired of this weather! Hugs, kissinia

  2. Your tag is gorgeous–and I think the picture turned out fantastic!! I know what you mean about taking pics at night…it's so hard…But, yours turned out fantastic!XO

  3. Its a beautiful tag and the picture looks fine from what I can tell. I struggle with my camera too, as its a dinosaur. At night I take my pictures in the bathroom, No kidding we have super lights in there. I've never told that to anyone. Guess my secrets out! LOL

  4. Hi Marie. Just called in to see what you have been up to. Beautiful projects as usual.Kind regards Florence.

  5. This is amazing. It has such a romantic feel, I love the vintage feel and the postmarks add so much, I feel as though this postcard was part of a wonderful love story.You get the idea that I love this?Keep it up, you're a very talented lady x

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