Carnival Time !

For those of you that have read my profile you will know that I own a jewellery shop in Thessaloniki Greece. For those of you that haven’t read it well now you know ! It’s a busy time for us as we have a lot of exhibitions to attend ( or my husband does at least ) I stay at home and man the ship and the shop and the dogs and well you ladies know what I mean.

This week didn’t have much time for crafting due to the manning of the ship etc but tried to get around to all my favourite blogs and take part in a challenge or two . The nice part about this card making and crafting to do is that I have been able to incorporate it into my window displays and am getting a great response from my customers and some weird requests to boot , it certainly adds a new dimension to it.

It’s carnival time here in Greece and as usual the weather has turned from lovely spring weather back to autumnal misery you can set your watch by it ! it’s the same every year !. As soon as carnival starts so does the cold. My youngest son went out yesterday wearing a cardboard box ( well actually two ) one for the head and one for the body and a pair of ten denier tights , mine not his and a pair of trainers, oh what a vision. It was freezing ! but then at sixteen you just don’t feel the cold do you ?

All of this is my big “segway” as they say in radio land or at least they used to when I was a kid into why I’m posting an autumnal tag when you lot seem to be besotted with spring, butterflies and fairies !

For anyone who cares its my trusty CI script stamp ( yet again ) with Ranger distress inks and the leaf is SU, embossed with Ranger embossing powder.

Hope to get some crafting done tomorrow , until then Ta Ta xx

3 thoughts on “Carnival Time !

  1. hey! I can not believe that it seems like autumn in Greece. It's nearly spring here in Dublin. But well, comparing to Meditterainean climate… we try to enjoy with what we are having at the moment 🙂 The weather was soooo good today, windy, but perfect for my kite though 🙂 I really love you autumn leave Marie! Hugs, xenia aka kissinia

  2. Spring is on its way girls! daffs are out!!Colours on your tag are very autumnal! How lovely to think your creations in yuor shop window are getting such reaction! Move over jewellery….papercraft comes Greece!! Wahoo!!

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