Stylish Blogger Award

It must be a mistake an oversight a something, but I checked and double checked . It was my name alright but  an oversight surely .

Well it seems that Elizabeth has had a mad moment and nominated me for the stylish bloggers award , I reckon that new bright lamp that she has been using lately has done something to her eyesight ! Until she regains all her senses and takes it back I would like to thank her for all her comments and support she has given when she is obviously so busy, she always has the time to comment on my little offerings,

So thank you so so much

Just a few little tidbits about me.

I am British but have been living in Greece for the past 22yrs, I am a jewellery designer and shop owner, I used to love the outdoor life until I discovered crafting now am enjoying the indoor  life !

I was born in Liverpool and moved to London in 1977 , met my hubby in Greece on holiday ( he’s Greek ) in 1984 and as they say the rest is history it’s been one hell of a holiday romance , came to Greece in 89 and have been here ever since. Two kids , two dogs and a perfect hubby

Marie x

2 thoughts on “Stylish Blogger Award

  1. Hi Marie, I have been known to complain that my eyesight is now failing, which is why I got the new lamp, but I made no mistake with this award. You may be new to blogging and even card-making but you make blooming lovely cards, etc. Oh, and I thought holiday romances never lasted 🙂 Elizabeth x

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