Stash But No Cash !

As I wrote in my previous diary entry I had ”  A  Stash ” or so I thought but it turns out that I don’t really have one at all ! There is always something missing I always seem to be waiting for something else to complete it. My most common used phrase is  ” if only I had ……….. there is no end to it, and its seems that I can hardly finish a project because I’m missing that vital something that will turn it into a decent card.

I have turned into a shopaholic , a craftoholic .I spend more time searching for new goodies than I actually do making anything ! Of course by the time my new goodies are delivered I have moved on to something else something even more essential , yikes !

My desk is piled high with inks and sprays and mists and brushes you name it , its here staring me in the face begging to be used  daring me to put them to the test, but I cant because I just don’t have  that missing ingredient .

Maybe it will be in my next parcel !

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