Now I Know Why It’s Called " A Stash "

Ok I had fallen in love with the idea of card making but there was one major obstacle to overcome…….I live in Greece, ” obstacle ” I hear you say what could be wrong with that ? Well nothing if you want sun sea and sand but if you want to obtain  ” Your Stash ” plenty !. That’s another thing, on all of the card making sites I looked at everyone kept mentioning it and people were asking me about mine. Firstly I didn’t know what people were talking about and secondly I was too embarrassed to ask as everyone seemed to have one except me.

When I eventually found out what it meant I set about obtaining mine, which wasn’t and still isn’t easy I can tell you. Everytime I went to my local craft shop and requested the most basic of items I was met with a blank stare , ink pads choice of black or blue, wooden stamps no, embossing powder forget it ! I was in trouble how was I going to get a stash.

My credit card and I have become great friends of late its found it’s new place next to my Mac as opposed to my purse, I even know my account number off by heart some achievement for me.

I had to buy everything via The Internet without being able to touch it or sniff it !
My first purchase was The Silhouette die cutting machine I saw a demo on YouTube as you do and fell in love. So here I was with a fancy die cut machine and I hadn’t even made a card yet !
 I saw a pattern forming every day I discovered essential crafting items which of course I just had to have . Every few days a parcel would arrive, hubby started raising his eyebrows as another package from England was delivered. Oh the sweet anticipation of it all what would be my next delivery my glue dots  ( can’t even get them here ) or my fabulous stamps or ink pads. I was slowly but surely acquiring  ” a stash ”  I felt guilty and exhilarated at the same I had  ” a stash ” at long last I had arrived !

2 thoughts on “Now I Know Why It’s Called " A Stash "

  1. Hi Marie, I thought I might be your first followere but no, Sarah beat me to it. Looking forward to following your blog and seeing what you do with your hard won stash 🙂 As if I didn't know already that you make the most inspirational cards. Elizabeth x

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