In Love Again !

Yes it’s finally happened ! After months of soul-searching and moping about the house cupids little arrow has finally found it’s mark.

I wasn’t sure if I would ever feel this way again but I’m glad to announce that yes! I’m in love and it feels wonderful.

It all started a couple of months ago when I was watching a video on YouTube about card making techniques ( Don’t ask me how I got there, one minute was looking at holidays in France and the next thing I know I’m on The Two Peas in a Bucket site watching Jennifer Mcguire) The rest is history as they say.

It started as it always does with me a harmless flirt but before I knew it I was watching everything I could find on YouTube about the subject and there’s so much ! Countless sleepless nights later I was hooked I had found my new hobby, I was going to make cards and brilliant ones at that ! I had found my niche at long last hooray !

Let me just explain one thing about me I fall in love quite often. There have been so many romances in the past acting classes, aerobics,aqua aerobics, horse riding, cookery classes, pattern cutting, pottery classes, shoes ,yes shoes  (isn’t that a hobby ? ) the list goes on and on. Every time I think this is ” The One “, this is the keeper not just a passing fancy but after a few months I start to loose interest. It’s not my first thought in the morning or last one at night and it’s just a matter of time before I fall out of Love.

Of course I have bought all the equipment, got all the books, paid for all my lessons in advance and just as quickly as it came it’s gone !

So here I am three months down the line still in love, still spending my nights and weekends in front of YouTube bleary eyed ink stained fingers not to mention the mess ! Not only my little crafting space but the house.  Will it last ? That has to be seen but it has one main advantage over all my other loves or should I say infatuations……… SHOPPING ! There’s so much stuff to buy , its endless, I want eveything and I want it now !.

Got to go my ink pads are calling .

Tomorrow  Now I know why they call it A Stash.

3 thoughts on “In Love Again !

  1. Dear Marie!Congratulations! You have started a blog! Finally, I will not just look at your unique pieces of art, but also will be able to read something more! Keep on going! Hugs, your DC buddy kissinia

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