Addicted to CAS Challenge #47 Oriental

Hello lovely ladies and gents ( yes I had a gent commenting this week )

This past week has been a real roller coaster for me so hope you don’t mind if I share a little of what has been going on before I get to my ATCAS card.

As many of you know I have being having problems with the old leglet for several months now , a damaged bone and bone marrow issues all of which have put me on bed rest and in quite a lot of pain. Now for most people the chance to be at home for a couple of months and released of all duties might be a welcome break but not for me . I can’t sit for more than a few minutes and lying down is even more painful so it’s really cramped my style as I’m quite active. Plus the fact that Mr P also has been having leg issues, bone spurs in his heel extremely painful but he has taken over the reigns in all departments and suffered in silence , well nearly in  silence you know how boys can be. To top the lot our baby dog Molly  started limping and we have been told she needs a knee operation !!!!!. So could the person with the voodoo doll give this poor family a break at least in the leg department people think we are joking when they come to our home and see us all limping !

Anyways this last week I was at a really low ebb the Molly situation was the last straw , there has also been a break in, police, guns and a brave husband but that’s a whole blog post on its own and will save for another day . I felt ready to give up but after returning from a few days at my beach house ( only managed to swim twice this year ) I found out that the lovely Kylie and Darnell had been in cahoots arranging a linky party for me at Addicted to Stamps and More  ! I nearly cried my good leg off , I couldn’t stop for  over an hour I was and am so touched by these wonderful ladies and for everyone who took part creating amazing cards to wish me well and cheer me up .  I can never thank you enough for your kindness and thoughtfulness you have given me the will to go on and fight and put a smile back on my face for the first time in months. So a HUGE, HUGE thank you all and especially to my team mates who are the most amazing bunch of lovely and caring ladies and have put up with me for so long .  Oops here come those tears again…. better move on to our new challenge at ATCAS before bloggers blindness takes over !

Our code word for the next fortnight has been chosen by our lovely and talented Sylvia.

ATCAS - code word oriental

Sylvia I loved your code word as I love anything Oriental especially the food ! Not to mention that my son’s band is called Chinese Basement and I nearly used the cover of their new CD lol !


I have a beautiful book of Oriental prints so I printed this pattern onto acetate and placed it within the frame . The sentiment was computer generated and printed onto vellum. The translation is thank you very ,very much so quite fitting I think you will agree.

I can’t wait to see what you all come up with for this challenge but if you’re feeling a little stuck why not pop over to ATCAS my fellow team mates have created some stunning cards for your inspiration. We would also like to welcome our newest Guest Designer for september  the one and only Tenia from Jazzy Paper designs if you don’t know Tenia and I very much doubt it unless you have been under a rock for the last few years then get on over and get acquainted.

We are sponsored once again by the fabulous Stamp Art Design who are offering five digs to our lucky winner.

9 button StampArt Design by Kathryne final badge

Hope you all managed to stay till the end !

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and thank you all once again

Love to you all .


Addicted To CAS Challenge #46 Luxury

Hello lovely ladies

Welcome to a new challenge at ATCAS which for the next week, yes that’s right for one week only  is being hosted by the super talented Sandie from London Days.

So come and see what the lovely Sandie chose for her code word.

ATCAS - code word luxury-1

Well I have to admit I struggled a little with this one, luxury has so many different connotations , I started thinking about the obvious things, fast cars, boats, travel, shoes, gin, shoes, gin handbags, did I mention gin ?. None of the above really inspired me and I was left with several unfinished cards . I had one thought that kept going around and around in my little noggin  and in the end gave in……


This is my luxury……

Lady Cameo once again helped out , I paper pieced this super simple drawing ( took forever ) as my bin can testify and made a simple frame using my Spellbinders Card creator dies.

I liked the simplicity of it so much I made a framed version and hung it over our bed.


So what does luxury mean to you ? Now if you’re in need of a little inspiration then why not pop over to ATCAS to see what the rest of the DT have come up with to inspire us .

We have a fabulous sponsor for you this week Inspired by Stamping


The lucky winner will receive $15 gift voucher to spend at their store.

I would also like to play along with a new challenge to me  A Creative Romance , its my first time playing along with these talented ladies and as they are looking to see some Kraft on our cards I think mine fits the bill !

Sadly the lovely Lyndal our guest Designer will be leaving us this week  its been a real pleasure to have her with us at ATCAS this month.

Cant wait to see what you all come up with for this challenge , it’s always a pleasure to view your card so much inspiration , what a talented bunch of crafters you are.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

Take care


Addicted To CAS: Challenge #45-Geometric

Hello lovely ladies

Firstly an apology for the lateness of this post I had scheduled it for Saturday using the new WordPress platform as I was going to be away at my summer-house for a few days, only to find out that not only did it not post but it had disappeared entirely from the system. As luck would have it I had no internet for five days except for a brief five minutes yesterday when  I discovered it was missing but couldn’t do anything about it. So sorry to my boss Kylie and my team mates at ATCAS for the inconvenience I caused , I’m now home and in catch up mode .

ATCAS has a brand new code word and what a fabulous one it is too, its  been chosen by our hostess for the next two weeks the lovely and talented  Harriet so come and see what it is.

ATCAS - code word geometricl

I had so much fun with this one and my desk is littered with half-finished projects which hopefully I will be able to share with you in the not too distant future. For my DT card I have chosen something quite simple, a diamond within a heart created by my lovely Cameo and a touch of GA.


We are once again sponsored by Scribbles Designs who are offering three free digis to our lucky winner.

sd sponsor

Please do pop over to ATCAS to see what the amazing DT have come up with I was totally blown away by their creativity and think its some of the best cards we have ever had and don’t forget the lovely Lyndal is still with us as guest designer.

Before I go a big thank you all for of your well wishes , unfortunately things are not going quite as well as planned and will have to see some more specialists so thank you all for bearing with me.

Take care


Addicted To CAS #44 GOLD

Hello lovely ladies

A big thank you to everyone for your birthday wishes , blogging buddies are the best,  also a big thank you to all of those who took part in our last challenge celebrate at ATCAS so many fabulous entries.

This fortnight our amazingly talented Deepti has chosen our code word and will be your hostess , so lets see what she has chosen for us.,

ATCAS - code word gold

What a fabulous code word !


A fabulous code word indeed but it took me longer to photograph it than make it !!! Gold Miri card is a bugger !!!!!! It took days to get this rubbish result  I actually gave up on it and made another card but that one looked better in real life and crap as a photo so a loose , loose situation all around !

I stamped onto vellum (can’t tell can you !) and then gold embossed it and coloured the flower with my Copics  placing  a glass dome over the flower. The circle is cut using Spellbinders circle die and then mounted onto foam.



One of my doglets Bailey investigating the scene !

Ok so now I’m gonna share the card that didn’t make it ! Keep in mind that its much better IRL


Spellbinders card creator rectangles for the frames and a lovely inkylicious stamp that I’ve never used gold embossed. A glass dome and a button and gold pen used to edge the card. If you look very carefully you can see my reflection in the glass dome the height ( not ) of sartorial elegance in me nightie lol ! My Cameo is sulking cos it never got a look in again this time poor thing.

We are once again sponsored by Stamp Art Design who are offering five free digs for the winner

9 button StampArt Design by Kathryne final badge

We have a brand new guest designer for the month of August , please put your hands together for the lovely and talented Lyndal ( Ideas and Paper ) and boy does she have lots of both !

We would love for you to join us at ATCAS it’s always a pleasure to see your stunning cards and if you’re in need of a little inspiration then pop over and see what the rest of the amazing DT have come up with they have out done themselves once again.

I might be a bit slow on commenting next week as I have to undergo therapy on my leg apparently it needs straightening ( don’t like the sound of that ) so will be missing best part of the week.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend

Take care


Addicted to CAS Challenge #43 Celebrate

Hello lovely ladies !

We have a fabulous new challenge over at ATCAS and it couldn’t be more fitting for me. The lovely and talented Jaydee has chosen the code word for the next fortnight so come and see what she’s chosen.

ATCAS - code word celebrate

Hopefully that’s what I will be doing for the next week albeit on one leg ! I will be celebrating my birthday in a few days time,  not only that my closest friends all have their birthdays within a day of each other starting on Sunday continuing on until Thursday. I’m off today to my beach house to host a little party Mr P will be doing the cooking this year ( haven’t told him yet ) due to my inability to stay upright for too long , and no it’s not due to an excess of gin !


I used a tiny little brayer  with this cute heart motif to randomly stamp my base card , cut the hearts and sentiment with my Cameo and popped it up on foam. Behind celebrate I added some red card stock not completely covering the negative space. I thought  it looked really cool in real life but looking at it on the screen it looks like my card stock has slipped.


Don’t you just love the expression on her face ! I’m feeling a bit of a porker myself at the moment due to my inactivity. I cobbled together various elements using my Cameo, popped my little hippo up on foam and used glossy accents on my balloon ( and the surrounding area it seems ) a Spellbinders frame completes the madness.

Once again Bugaboo stamps are most generously offering 7 yes 7 !!! digs to our lucky winner

bugaboo new logo

We would love you to come and celebrate with us at ATCAS , the DT and our lovely guest designer Cathy have produced once again a fabulous variety of amazing cards to inspire you all.

Right must dash as this view is awaiting me ! off to pack the champers and the three doglets


Take care


Happy Birthday Smiley Kylie

Today is a very special day as Kylie my boss from Addicted to CAS celebrates her birthday. Not only is she the greatest and most understanding boss ever but she is also a great friend. I had the great fortune to meet up with her in Spain and spend six days with her and the fantastic Florence of Florence and Freddie. We three girls had never met but became firm friends through blogging. I have to say it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Both Kylie and Florence were so warm and welcoming it was like I had known them all of my life.

So Kylie here are a few photo’s of our time together


The first day Kylie all prim and proper in Florence’s beautiful garden


2nd day Kylie suggested with go for a drink in the village


Kylie trying to look demur in the butterfly sanctuary even wore here butterfly frock to lure the poor things into a false sense of security


Kylie the butterfly snatcher trying to grab a butterfly !


Kylie taken into custody by the local police under suspicion of butterfly theft ( looks pretty happy about it ! )


Kylie imprisoned for 24 hours at the local jail on suspicion of butterfly theft


The last supper !

Kylie enjoying a spot of dinner after her confinement, all charges were dropped and Florence was able to hold her head high once again in the village ( the same can’t be said for Kylie )


Kylie just enjoying herself ! Cheers mate !

So my dearest Kylie, thank you so much for having me as part of your team but more importantly as a friend , you are such a warm beautifully and funny lady and I don’t care what everyone else says !

A big thank you to our lovely Loll who organised this lovely linky party for Kylie

Happy birthday ( and to the coals )

oops nearly forgot your card mate


This little guy reminded me of Jackie Tan !

Have a wonderful day and you know I love your guts !!!!

Ugly Bum ( that’s me )

ATCAS Challenge #42 Sky

Hello lovely ladies

Time once again for a new challenge at ATCAS and our host for the next fortnight is the gorgeous and talented Shana. Now what did that lovely lady choose for us this time round……..

ATCAS - code word sky

Great code word don’t you agree  and I was so inspired I actually did some stamping !!!!!, that’s not to say when I use my Cameo I’m not inspired lol , but its been ages since I did any I nearly forgot how to do it. I made two cards and couldn’t decide which one I liked best so you lucky people (not) get to see both attempts.


This is a Memory Box stamp called words to birds collage, it’s a bit on the weeny side so if your like me and you suffer from bloggers blindness you could possibly mistake those birds for ants !

I used a variety of Adirondack inks which I applied with memory foam and just squidged them all over the place until I was happy with my squidging . When I was all squiggled out I stamped my image on top.  What are you laughing at !!! Have you never seen a green tinted sky before !!!!! well come to Thessaloniki it’s practically a nightly occurrence. The cameo did help to make the feather and I did a touch of embossing and used my Spellbinders card maker rectangles to make the frame

Masterpiece Number 2


Similar squigding as on the first card just addition of some sequins and a Cameo made feather and an extra frame, I think I like the first one best.

So over to you , we would love for you to join us at ATCAS,  it’s always a pleasure to see your fabulous interpretations of our code words and as usual the DT have outdone themselves. We are also delighted to welcome a new guest designer. Please put your hands together for the wonderfully talented Cathy from Cathy’s card spot

We are also most generously sponsored once again by Stamp Art Designs who are offering five digis for the winner

9 button StampArt Design by Kathryne final badge

Now before I go I must have my little whinge otherwise it wouldn’t be a ” proper ” blog post from me but one of the reasons I have been mojo-less and a bad blogger is that I have damaged my foot in two places ( so much for my power walks ! ) I’ve been told by the bone doctor this can take up to a year to heal and he’s put me on bed rest for two months , pretty painful and I can’t sit or lie in one place for too long. The only up side of it is it’s the world cup and Wimbledon so I get to see all of the matches,  don’t know what I’ll do when they finish might have to start watching day time TV !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP !!!!!!!

I see CASolgy have a fantastic code word this week

Week 102 - FloatIts been ages since I played along with these talented ladies and do hope my floaty feather and little birdies fit the bill

Thanks for the tip Vicki it seems that my card is eligible for the “ Just Us Girls Challenge ” who’s theme week is Bird . This is my first time playing along and have seen some fabulous cards in the gallery and by the DT.

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 5.34.22 PM

Well that’s all from me folks, wishing you all a wonderful weekend

Take care


Addicted To CAS Challenge #41 SUN

Hello lovely ladies.

Time for another challenge over at ATCAS and our hostess with the mostest this time round is the wonderfully talented and super lovely Loll.

What has our Loll chosen for us for this time

ATCAS - code word sun

Well lots of scope on this one I think you will all agree.

Before I show you what I made I want to start off with my excuses …..the old mojo has gone and done a runner and I can’t say I blame him. I’ve been a rotten friend, wife and mother lately and a very bad blogger to boot. So having said that I would like to share a couple of rubbish cards with you in the hope of seeing them on my blog will actually shame me into making something better.



I used my new sketch pens in my Silhouette Cameo to draw the cool elephant in his shades and write the sentiment which I coloured with the metallic yellow sketch pen by hand, shouldn’t have bothered cos you can’t see a speck of the metallic finish !


Another Cameo creation, loved the image but not sure of its CASness.

We are once again being sponsored by Bugaboo Digi Stamps who are most kindly offering 7 digs to the winner

bugaboo new logo

Do pop over to ATCAS to see some beautifully crafted cards by my talented team mates and also by the fabulous Karen D who has been our guest designer for the last two weeks.

Before I go would just like to share this with you all our fantastic leader Kylie has decided that she has far too much free time ( not ) on her hands and created a wonderful craft forum called Happy Little Stampers , I urge you to go on by and have a peep and even join in, there definitely is something for everyone in this wonderful new crafting community. Wishing Kylie every success with her new venture .


Right that’s all from me folks

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and please forgive me for not popping by I PROMISE I will be around in the next few days.


Addicted to CAS Challenge # 39 Texture

Hello lovely ladies !

A huge thank you to all who took part in my ” Off the Edge ” challenge at ATCAS so many amazing entries I’ve really got my work cut out for me choosing my winners, tune in on Monday to see who they are.

This time round our hostess with the mostest the wonderfully talented Vicki who has chosen a great code word and one that is very much in vogue

ATCAS - code word texture

Tons of possibilities with this one.

what did I make……


I love vellum and use it quite a lot as it embosses beautifully , I used my spellbinders heart dies for the centre and then colored a couple of them with pink Pan Pastels. A variety of  embossing folders were used and lovely little die cut and embossing set from SU. Added a few sequins and as you can see I still haven’t learnt how to scatter them in a care free manner and there you have it.

Our sponsor for the next fortnight is Scribbles Designs

sd sponsor

They are most generously offering three digital designs for the winner.

Do pop over to ATCAS to see what the rest of the talented and gorgeous DT have come up with . The fabulous and funny Darnell also will be sharing one of her creations with us so definitely not to be missed.

I’d also like to link up to Less is More who are asking us to use die cuts on our cards. Its been ages since I joined in and I see there are a some fabulous new additions to the team.

LIM for blinkie

I’ll be back next week to share my holiday experiences and some photos with you of my trip to meet Florence and Kylie in Spain. One thing I can say was that it was a trip of a lifetime and I can’t thank those lovely ladies enough I have so many wonderful memories…..

Take care and have a wonderful weekend.


Addicted to CAS #38 Off The Edge

Hello lovely ladies !

This is a scheduled post as I’m off in Spain at the moment staying with Florence from Florence and Freddie and Kylie from ATCAS who has travelled all the way from Australia then I will be travelling over to the UK to visit my family.

It just so happens that I’m the hostess for the next fortnight’s challenge at ATCAS and I’m not even at my desk !  hopefully I am under a desk or on top of one par- tay- ing  ! So what did I choose as my theme for all of you CAS aficionados

ATCAS - off the edge

I do believe there’s lots of scope here so let your imagination run wild !


Sorry about the rubbish photo but it hasn’t stopped raining for about 10 days here and there’s  no sun !!! So glad am going to Spain .

Made my croc with the Cameo and colored with distress inks and then glossy and crackle accents,  didn’t crackle much so lets just say this is a baby croc who takes great care of his skin !


Another Cameo creation !

We are once again sponsored by

9 button StampArt Design by Kathryne final badge

Stamp Art Design who are most generously offering five free digi designs.

Do pop over to ATCAS to see what the rest of the talented DT have come up with and also to welcome along our new guest Design Team member for the next forthright. Please put your hands together for the one and only super talented and wonderfully amusing Darnell from djkardkreations. If you haven’t heard of Darnell ( where have you been !!!!!) then I suggest you rush on over to her blog and take in the sights

Hopefully this post reaches you all when it should as it has been posted well ahead due to my traipsing around Europe. Will be back next week with tales and photos of my adventures to Spain.

So until then………

 Ta Ra and have a super weekend.